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This style is best described as coarse and strikingly beautiful in its simplicity. With Rustic design, the focus is about getting back to nature; raw wood, distressed pieces and rich colours (oranges and greens) are some of the main design aspects. The overall feel that Rustic style aims to achieve is a warm, relaxing and cosy space. Natural fabrics are used such as linen, knitted wools and woven materials, combined with natural elements (often in their raw, unfinished form) including greenery, wood and stone, which brings the space back to its raw, natural roots.

One popular subcategory to the Rustic style is Modern Rustic. This design style aims to retain all the earthy charm and warmth but replaces the coarser elements with the clean lines found in Contemporary and Modern styles.

We've picked these heaters because they all provide a feeling of cosiness and warmth, with raw and natural elements.

Wood Fireplaces